Our Story

It all started in 1992/3 when our Founder, Rinet Griessel, attended a Stereotype Reduction workshop and realised that our country would need loads more of these conversations to reduce racism, sexism, ethnicism, ageism and all the other discriminatory ~isms!

In-SA for Inclusivity

In-SA for Inclusivity is a small, agile company providing personal attention to our clients. We love and care for our diverse clients.

In-SA exists because we firmly believe in an inclusive South Africa where we can all belong.

We support diverse teams in business, sports, organisations and institutions to improve their performance through an inclusive culture of belonging and synergy.

We are an Association of 25 diverse, independent professionals across seven of South Africa's provinces. We continuously learn from one another and our participants; they inform our dynamic, evolving process of interactive conversation.

We all have a choice to either be separated by our differences, or united by our similarities. We believe in the latter.

Founding Members

Photo from left to right:
Johannes Motshegoa, Pearl Mashabane, Rinet Griessel (Founder), Heili Nel, Victor Theko.

We are Inclusion South Africa

We are leaders in our field.

Some recently published articles on In-SA as a woman-lead company:
1) The Sunday Times Magazine, Sept 2019 (Page 26)
2) The Leadership Magazine, August 2020 (Page 66)
3) Business Media Magazine, Sept 2020 (Frontpage)