Our Story

It all started in 1992/3 when our Founder, Rinet Griessel, attended a Stereotype Reduction workshop and realised that our country would need loads more of these conversations!

In SA for Inclusivity

We all have a choice to either be separated by our differences, or united by our similarities. We believe in the latter and we are determined to achieving a united, inclusive South African nation together.

In SA is a Level 4 BBBEE contributor and our approach is to lift as we rise.

We are a small company providing personal attention to help you resolve conflict around diversity issues. We love and care for our clients. Our ultimate goal is a united South African nation. We help businesses, clubs and institutions to achieve synergy (synchronised energy) in diverse teams for improved results.

We have access to 22 diverse facilitators and coaches in 7 provinces.

We continuously learn from one another and our participants – they inform our dynamic, evolving process.

Our collective in-depth experience, passion, wisdom and competence is 270 years!

We have trained close to 10 000 people in diversity and inclusion (D&I) in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Ethiopia.

In 2017, we delivered 77 workshops within 10 weeks.

Where deep sharing opens wounds, we ensure closure in the process. We use D&I conversations as a platform to promote inclusion at all levels of diversity.

Our tech-expert partners have a cutting-edge, affordable and anonymous electronic ROI survey tool which provides continuous tracking of progress made with the inclusive behaviours of each individual.