Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you identify the key issues that cause disconnect within our business?

We collaborate with you to discuss and identify your specific challenges that cause barriers in the workplace and negatively impact productivity. We will then develop and facilitate a Diversity and Inclusion workshop tailored to your needs.

What do you need for the workshop?

Diverse groups with a maximum of 25 delegates, including managers work best. We have two diverse facilitators for each first day, one male, one female, representing different world views ~ one of the facilitators will have a background in psychology so that sensitive topics will be handled with empathy and care.
You can read more about them here.

How do you determine the success of your workshops?

  • We provide Feedback Reports within three working days after each workshop.
  • We also offer coaching services to increase the efficacy of building an inclusive corporate culture.
  • We also provide a consolidated report and presentation to management
  • Coaching of Leadership to use ROI Tool

What are your critical success factors?

  • Diverse groups with a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 30 delegates
  • Venue without desks, chairs only
  • Two facilitators, not one
  • Attendance of all employees, including top managers, will ensure the process and outcomes are maximised.

What is the big picture?

We aim to identify your challenges and frustrations, and work towards cultivating respect and understanding of others. We focus on the similarities across all cultures to support each group to generate behaviours towards building an inclusive business culture. Read more on the services we offer

We want fun workshops, will it be fun? What methodology do you use?

Our workshops are highly interactive and participative; we have big and small group discussions, video clips, participant presentations and yes! loads of fun even though this is a sensitive topic.